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NFL Now to Allow Football Fans to Create a More Personalized Video Feed

February 03, 2014


The entertainment world has been embracing the accessibility of the Internet for some time now and the sports world has been no exception. Take the NFL, for example, which boasts its own cable, online and mobile channels to help football fans more easily stay up-to-date on league news. While this is pretty good on its own, the NFL is taking it a step further with “NFL Now,” a video service that lets fans personalize football programs.

This service is apparently limited to “Internet-connected devices,” but this apparently means mobile devices, PCs and Microsoft’s (News - Alert) Xbox One console, so it’s not exactly a limited offering. That said, while NFL Now will be available to mobile devices worldwide when it is launched this summer, it will be delivered through Verizon (News - Alert) Communications in the United States to the Xbox One, Yahoo Sports and online. Other distribution partners will be added in the future, however.

So what exactly is NFL Now? Well, the bad news is it’s not a delivery method for live games. It seems to be more of an official video-centric social network, like YouTube (News - Alert) for football. That’s because NFL Now allows users to follow teams, like and dislike videos, and access a wide amount of on-demand content. In other words, it’s likely the service will be able to offer its users more personalized content by gathering usage and interaction data.

For those that were hoping for access to live football games, though, there do seem to be options for, at the very least, staying as up-to-date as possible on live events. For example, TE Connectivity started collaborating with stadium owners and service providers late last year to bring content to fans via its InterReach Spectrum (News - Alert), InterReach Fusion and FlexWave Prism DAS products.

As for NFL Now, the service will also feature a premium paid version called NFL Now Plus that will stream live events — such as league and team press conferences and the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame induction weekend — which will be accessible for a monthly fee.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker