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Buzztime and PrePlay Improve Predictive Sports Gaming

February 03, 2014


The sports world is always looking to get into the technological world in new and inventive ways. Buzztime and PrePlay have found a truly new way to reach more fans around the country, especially those who weren’t be able to pay the exorbitant prices to get into the Super Bowl. On the evening of the big game, the companies showed off new interoperability, with the Buzztime BEOND platform and PrePlay’s predictive gaming platform.

"Armchair quarterbacks everywhere should ditch their recliner on Sunday  and belly up to a Buzztime BEOND bar," said Buzztime CEO Jeffrey Berg in a statement released before the big game. "We can't get you on the field, but you'll feel like you're in the game with PrePlay's football product, which we will proudly feature on the Buzztime BEOND entertainment platform."

With PrePlay’s software being featured on the BEOND platform, the fun doesn’t need to end now that the Super Bowl is over. The platform allows for predictive play on sports like baseball and basketball as well.

The platform allows for users to predict every play before they happen, while also chatting with other users who are watching and picking the plays from hundreds of miles away. The NHL PrePlay offering went live on Buzztime devices on January 30 and the baseball version of the software will be up and running by the time spring training’s first pitch is upon us.

It really seems to make sense to use something like what Buzztime and PrePlay are offering up in order to enjoy the games just a little bit better. While being at the Super Bowl would have certainly been plenty of fun, but considering that the stadium didn’t even allow people to have streaming Internet during the game, it might have been just a little bit better to have actually watched the contest from the safety and comfort of your favorite barstool.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker