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AT&T Upgrades Wi-Fi at the Bank of America Stadium

December 16, 2013


AT&T (News - Alert) has upgraded its Wi-Fi system at the Bank of America Stadium to cater to the demands of fans for a better mobile experience during games and events. This will meet the growth in demand for advanced wireless devices and services.

The stadium is a 74,000+ seat venue, which will be equipped now with over 645 Wi-Fi access points capable of delivering a seamless Wi-Fi coverage covering the venue.

Cristy Swink, AT&T’s vice president and general manager for mobility and consumer markets in the Mid Atlantic, said of the upgrades, “As connectivity in stadiums across the country becomes a rapidly growing priority we are deploying both Wi-Fi and DAS networks to support that need.”

Wi-Fi deployment has become imperative as fans are desirous to share game time experiences from their wireless devices.  They prefer to upload photos, videos, and to browse and get in-game, real-time updates. Wireless technology makes digital interaction more seamless, said officials.

AT&T Wi-Fi will cover the bowl and concourses enhancing the game day experience. The upgraded Wi-Fi connectivity will enable access to real-time statistics, social networking and venue information.

The cellular network service has been boosted by AT&T with the installation of a distributed antenna system (DAS) in 2012. The DAS technology improves mobile Internet experience by reducing distances that signals have to travel. Other enhancements include better call reliability, boost to data traffic capacity, and a consistent network access for customers.

The upgraded Wi-Fi system ensures increased capacity. During the 2013 season it was found that fans at Bank of America Stadium exchanged 1.9 million MB of data on the Wi-Fi system. This was a 50 percent increase compared to the previous year. The data transfer is equal to about 3,900 hours of streaming HD video, said AT&T officials.

Also significant increase in cellular data has been observed in the in-stadium DAS. The increase was a phenomenal 90 percent compared to the games held during the same time in 2012.

Recently AT&T deployed a new Wi-Fi system and other mobile services at the Sun Life Stadium in Florida to enhance the mobile experience for fans during games and events. The additional network capacity and new services support call reliability and better network access so fans can benefit from near real-time stats, social networking, venue information, and more.

Edited by Alisen Downey