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Bloomberg Sports Set to Offer Contextualized Experience for Sports Fans

December 13, 2013


Technology has become an integral part of almost every aspect of our lives, and sports are no exception. Technology is increasingly being used to give new insights to different professional sports teams so they can have an edge over other teams. Technology is also being used to give fans a comprehensive experience of watching sports. Both of these functions are achieved by mining extensive amounts of data to identify a pattern and then based on this pattern, new suggestions are provided.

Many companies are involved in the analysis of data for sporting events and one such company is Bloomberg Sports. This company was launched in 2010 as a collaboration between Bloomberg (News - Alert) and IMG with the idea of converting data into information that can be used by both players and fans. To achieve this objective, the company collects massive amounts of data, analyzes it and uses algorithmic engines to offer suggestions based on facts.

Recently, Bloomberg Sports entered into a partnership with Phizzle, giving Bloomberg access to Phizzle's FanTracker, a marketing automation platform that provides a complete view of the profile of every fan. Phizzle's FanTracker consolidates real-time information about fans from emails, social media, text messages and mobile applications and creates a profile about them.

Using this information, Bloomberg can offer customized data to fans by indirectly engaging with them in real-time. This partnership saves Bloomberg a lot of time and effort needed to collect and analyze the profiles of fans and at the same time, it will improve the quality of information provided.

This partnership will give Bloomberg the chance to present critical analytical data to teams to help assess their players, performance and also help them better prepare for games. It can also give sports fans the right statistics and situational data that will help them to place bets and to simply enjoy the game better.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey