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Global Gaming Network Now Ready with Premium Service

December 05, 2013


Global Gaming Network is a company that specializes in the development and distribution of digital entertainment and sports information for online and mobile platforms. The company owns and operates, a service that provides sports data to mobile telephones in North America.

The latest is that the service now comes with a premium service providing team scores and player statistics for all NFL, NBA, NHL and MBL teams.

"We're pleased to offer at a competitive price to our thousands of loyal subscribers a premium service for team scores and player statistics sent via SMS (text message) or email. We have had numerous requests over the years from subscribers to add player statistics to our 'alerts' service,” Stephen Kern, president of GBGM said in a statement.

With the introduction of this new service, the company will try to further meet to the demands and request of its subscribers, as well as add significant revenue. The company also expects to have better growth in its subscriber base due to this new service.

Back in 2012, Global Gaming Network formed a new division to offer a competitively priced SMS text messaging services to third party publishers and distributors. Still the company is recognized as the most popular independent provider of sports information via SMS in North America.

Also, recently the company entered into an agreement with Atlantic City Fantasy Sports LLC, a provider of customized fantasy games software to casinos and sports bars throughout the United States. Under the agreement, GBGM will provide ACFS with customized fantasy league software that will be offered to various casinos and sports bars that can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, kiosks or on touch screen tables.

Edited by Ryan Sartor