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ESPN Gives Mobile SportsCenter Application Big Update

November 22, 2013


The sports world has been working hard to become more tech savvy over the last few years. ESPN (News - Alert) is a company that has taken some of the biggest steps to integrate the sports world and the tech world. Earlier this week, the company upgraded one of its lower level sports applications known as ESPNcricinfo. Now the company has revamped its central mobile application to be more user friendly.

The Sportscenter application has actually been around for quite some time. This time the company managed to make it that much easier to use on devices that use iOS7. The application has long had some customization features but those have been amped up with the newest release of the Sports Center application for the iPhone (News - Alert), iPad and Android devices.

The application, once known as ScoreCenter is already the most popular free sports application of all time. The sports score application has been downloaded more than 43 million times since it was first released.

"The unique challenge for us is taking all of the content that only ESPN can produce and making it simple and easy for fans to find what's important to them on a mobile screen," Ryan Spoon, senior vice president of product development at ESPN, said in a recent statement. "Optimizing for iOS7 and Android (News - Alert) allowed us do that, developing functionality that is true to the device but also consistent across devices with the familiar look and feel of ESPN and SportsCenter."

While the original build of the app basically gave scores and news snippets, the updated application brings a more comprehensive Sports Center environment. That means that users can get their usual sports updates, while also getting videos and news stories. The application now has three main sections that a user can browse through. Scores, News and ESPN Now make up the entirety of the newly updated version.

The ESPN Now section might be the most attractive to sports fans. This section incorporates scores as well as a social aspect. This section will allow you to reply or retweet, favorite, share and email posts that have shown up in the application. The new favorites screen also allows users to select the teams from any sport to show up first. This allows Nebraska Cornhusker fans access how their football team is doing quicker and easier.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker