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The Football App Adds Another Feature

October 03, 2013


Technology has always been an integral part of sports. In the past, radios and TVs have given viewers the opportunity to follow their favorite sporting events and players, and the advent of the Internet gave sports fans the opportunity to follow their teams from anywhere. Mobile apps have taken this one notch higher. Today, fans can stay on top every event or game because they can get it all on their phones. This is why sports apps are extremely popular.

One such sports app is The Football App. As the name implies, this app is a one-stop place to get all football-related information, video streaming, scores, commentaries and scorecards. Created by a German-based startup called Motain, this app has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The company estimates that there are five million monthly active users and one and a half million daily active users. These users spend an average of one and a half to two hours a day on this app.

Image courtesy Shutterstock

To encourage more people to spend more time on the app, Motain has introduced a new feature called Fan Zone. Through this feature, fans get to chat with each other about football-related content. Also, this chatting is integrated with social media which means content is going to flow across different channels. For example, when a fan posts his or her blog entry, others get to comment on it. This discussion can then flow into Twitter (News - Alert) where it gets shared with others. Such a free-flow of content and discussions enhances interactions with different fans and everyone gets to enjoy more insights and commentaries.

This feature is expected to increase the popularity of the app and also, take the game of football to new heights because more people will be involved in the discussions and there is likely to be a vast amount of content surrounding football for the die-hard fans.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson