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New Mobile App for Barclays Golf Tournament

September 20, 2013


Technology impacts every aspect of the society, and sports are no exception. Today, more and more people are looking to integrate the two to provide a better viewing and organizing experience for viewers and players respectively. With the growing popularity of mobile apps, sports organizers and fans alike want to make the best use of it. This interest in technology is evident in the recently held Barclays Golf Tournament that used a mobile app to improve collaboration and communication.

The organizers of Barclays Golf Tournament worked with a company called Sojouner Mobile Communication to create a mobile app that helped to streamline communications between volunteers. This app was created and deployed within a few months, so it came handy for more than 1,500 volunteers who helped with the organization. Using this app, volunteers were better able to guide audience to the right venues. This way the service was more efficient and at the same time, it reduced the number of calls that the organizers had to handle. Since everyone was well-informed about eh venues and timings, the organization was more efficient than ever before.

This app is also a part of Barclay's Golf tournament goals to go green. In the future, it plans to reduce paper usage by as much as 54,000 pages that are currently being used as maps, contact information brochures and guidelines pamphlets for volunteers. Further, it is possible to broadcast messages easily with this app. For example, during the event, a fire broke out near one parking lot and immediately a message was sent to all the volunteers through this app. This helped people to stay away from the parking lot until the fire was contained.

These benefits go to show how much technology can be used to make sports organization and viewing better. It is hoped that other major sporting events also follow suit.

Edited by Alisen Downey