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TIBCO, Oakland Raiders App Bring Fans Closer to the Team

September 17, 2013


TIBCO Software, well known for its event-processing technology, has once again ventured into the world of professional sports apps. As a sequel to its Golden State Warriors app, which gave fans an authentic, mirror-game experience, its formula for fandom is being tweaked again - this time to allow fans, who are demanding more and more from their engagement with the team, to connect with the Oakland Raiders like never before.

The Oakland Raiders App, a customizable mobile application, signals a new era, wherein fantasy leagues, blogs, and endless news coverage nudge sports fans closer to the field. Mobile, social, local, cloud and real-time interactivity all integrate to produce everything that a die-hard Raiders fan could possibly want.

"With TIBCO's technology, we can bring our fans a more dynamic, customized and full-featured experience in real-time,” noted Matthew Pasco, director of IT for the Raiders.

Fans always want to hear about their favorite players and the app’s in-depth roster provides bios, photos, career stats and all the wonderful tidbits that make them feel that they know the players in and out. Connecting with fellow fans and sharing Raiders news, videos and upcoming games, arguing and discussing via social media, heat the sports arena enough to ensure that participation is 100 percent.

For those who love figures and stats, the interactive season schedule satiates their appetites by allowing them to see scores for every game of the season. But, there’s nothing to beat the real-time polls during the game as fortunes change with every passing minute not to mention the Raiderette images, stadium and merchandise discounts based on a fan's proximity to a Raiders store.

To make things easier for fans to get entry into the coliseum, the app leverages TIBCO’s unique location-and-activity awareness technology. There’s assistance for parking and information about tickets too, so nothing is really left to chance. The Oakland Raiders app seems to have taken care of everything that will ensure that fans have a good time right from the beginning to the end.

The new Raiders app has already been downloaded more than 100,000 times, and is currently available for iOS and Android (News - Alert) devices. Download the app and connect to Raider Nation 24/7.

Edited by Ryan Sartor