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Thuuz Unveils NFL Themed Android Tablet App

September 09, 2013


With the explosion of mobile devices in America and the world, there have been few industries that have embraced that explosion more effectively than professional sports. The NFL in particular has seen a way to take advantage of tablets and other mobile devices. More specifically, there have been some top of the line mobile developers who have seen a real opportunity when it comes to pairing mobile applications with the National Football League.

Thuuz Sports is one company that has made quite a name for itself when it comes to pairing mobile and connected TV services. The Thuuz sports app was recently unveiled and this app breaks new ground when it comes to enjoying the second screen experience that has become so popular in the age of the mobile device. The revamped application gives Android (News - Alert) users the ability to view a better game guide, while enjoying a unique Fantasty Football integration.

The NFL has launched its own application that does a lot of the same things that Thuuz can do, but that particular app had quite a few problems on the NFL’s opening weekend. Those problems could open the door for third party apps like Thuuz to make inroads among football fans.

Thuuz also believes that its tablet application will only get more popular as a sort of compliment to what people are able to watch on television. "The recent resolution of the dispute between CBS and Time Warner (News - Alert) Cable reinforces the power of live sports content to drive TV ratings and attract a mass audience," said Warren Packard, CEO of Thuuz in a recent statement. "The Thuuz discovery platform adds value for both sports fans and TV providers, by connecting viewers with the most relevant and compelling sports content, and helping TV providers attain incremental viewership. We want to give our users a heightened ability to see what's happening in the world of sports and consume the content of their choice. Our new tablet app is one more step in that direction."

Edited by Alisen Downey