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Charter Rolls Out ESPN Goalline and Buzzer Beater

September 02, 2013


Despite, or perhaps because of, a recent report that showed cable subscriber numbers going down, one cable company is offering up some pretty nice features for its college football fans this fall. Charter has announced that they have added ESPN’s (News - Alert) Goalline and Buzzer Beater to the channel lineup. By adding these two channels to its sports offering, fans will be able to watch the most exciting parts of the best games on any given Saturday during the college football season. They will also be able to check out the nail-biting finishes to some of the best college basketball games when the season gets going.

The company is going to begin offering the channels on Charter’s Sports Tier and Digit Tier 2 levels of service. Both of the channels are expected to have HD versions of those offerings, as well. The games that will appear on these channels will be any game that is offered on the ESPN family of channels, including ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN U and ESPN Classic. 

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The additions of these channels seems to indicate that Charter has figured out that sports fans’ tastes are changing a little bit over the years. The package also includes the WatchESPN offering for Charter members, which means that sports fans can watch the ESPN networks on their computer or mobile device. Technology is changing the way that sports fans get their content in a big way. Streaming live games over the Internet is only getting more popular and with WatchESPN, football and basketball fans will also be able to watch games they wouldn’t normally get to see with ESPN3.

ESPN3 is only offered through streaming on mobile devices or a computer’s browser. Users can watch ESPN3 on their televisions if they have the right devices, such as an iPad or iPhone and Apple (News - Alert) TV.

Edited by Ryan Sartor