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Beat Your Manager! Fantasy Football App Available at Google Play Store

August 16, 2013


Beat Your Manager! Fantasy Games and Scraggly Dog Games have announced the availability of Beat Your Manager! Fantasy Football app for free download on Android (News - Alert) devices.

The Android app is available for free download from Google Play Store.

The app is developed by Dublin City University Invent-based Padraig Doolan, a former research scientist in bioinformatics and biostatistics. A lifelong football plan, Doolan also set up a company to develop the app and completed the Enterprise Ireland (News - Alert)-sponsored New Frontiers Entrepreneur Development Programme.

Beat Your Manager! Fantasy Football app lets users manage their favorite club in real time and make substitutions during the live match. They can select their lineup, bench and formation before a match and make substitutions during the live game that would be likely to affect the game outcome.

The game uses an advanced statistical scoring method, based on “moneyball” principles that identify the key performance metrics such as the distance covered, passes completed, shots on target, and the like. Based on these metrics, you can judge the player performance.

The game combines this innovative scoring and novel gameplay with match day player performance data licensed from Opta. It creates a unique per-player score and allows users to pit their skills against their real-life Manager, as well as against each other.  

Gamers can also track the performance of the clubs, and can see how their club would have fared if they were the manager. Users will also be able to set up Private leagues among their friends, workplaces, schools and forums, to see if they can beat each other in decision-making across the season.

Commenting on the launch of the app, Padraig said. "It's great to see that after two years of planning and over a year of full-time effort, we will be launching our app on Google (News - Alert) Play in time for the 2013/14 season. I strongly believe that this is the smartest fantasy football game ever invented.”

With this offer, Padraig hopes to offer fans of premier league football a brand new take on fantasy football, giving a fun way to test their managerial abilities, as well.

Edited by Ryan Sartor