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Yahoo! Steps Up Fantasy Football App Game

August 05, 2013


For the many fans out there who get excited just thinking about the chance to play fantasy football, you’re in luck. Yahoo! has unveiled its latest version of the fantasy football app that will keep you from putting down your smartphone. New capabilities include changing team lineups and even doing a draft on the go. With the latest version of the app you will also be able to pick your players, set your queue, check results and even chat with other managers.

CEO Marissa Mayer said the company is working hard to improve all of its apps. In the case of this one, Yahoo! hopes it will provide fantasy football fans something quick and easy to use right from their smartphone.

 With live scoring, you can follow your team no matter where you are and a Matchup feature means you’ll only need to check your phone to see who you’ll be playing next week and you can even read updates on each of your players with the Breaking Player News feature. 

Source (News - Alert): Macrumors

"I really think what you're going to see is that Yahoo!'s (News - Alert) products will be releasing with small changes much more frequently and there'll even be what I would call version updates, much more frequently, particularly on mobile and on the website," said Mayer on Yahoo!'s first-quarter earnings call.

With the NFL pre-season kick off, this app is sure to be a huge excitement for fans. Is the company’s timing of its app release a coincidence? It certainly is working in Yahoo!’s advantage. Sunday’s definitely just got even better.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi