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Detroit Lions Outdo Pearl Jam, Sidestep Ticketmaster with Veritix

July 31, 2013


What could a popular Seattle grunge band and an NFL team possibly have in common? Ticketmaster, apparently — or rather, an aversion to the third-party ticket provider. For those not very familiar with the '90s music scene, rock band Pearl Jam made headlines mid-way through the decade by opposing what it claimed was a monopolistic approach to ticket sales. Now, NFL team the Detroit Lions is taking a similar stance.

However, while Pearl Jam tours struggled in non-Ticketmaster-supported venues, the Lions can easily sidestep Ticketmaster and its ticket fees with the help of Veritix. Under a new contract with Veritix, the team is enabling its fans to purchase tickets directly, while gaining full ownership and control over ticket sales.

“We remain committed to implementing innovative technologies throughout our organization with a goal of engaging fans in a consistent and meaningful way,” said Tom Lewand, president of the Detroit Lions. “The Veritix platform will provide our season ticket holders, fans and partners with the best ticketing features, benefits, and experience possible when entering Ford Field.”

Veritix was officially formed back in 2008, following the acquisition of Vertical Alliance by Flash Seats. Since then, many venues — such as Compuware Arena, home of the OHL Plymouth Whalers — as well as NBA and NHL teams, have selected the Veritix paperless ticketing, event marketing and relationship management platform to handle ticket services.

The Lions, meanwhile, are the first NFL team to implement the platform, which includes Flash Seats, Veritix's digital ticketing system. Flash Seats allows fans to bypass the need for a physical ticket, instead using a digital ID, such as a credit card or driver's license, to enter the stadium. However, this technology won't be available right away, and will instead be implemented at some point in the future.

Still, the main Veritix system is set to be in place July 31, just in time for single-game tickets for preseason and regular season games go on sale.

Edited by Alisen Downey