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Joe Montana, Joint Juice Collaborate to Create Football App Benefiting Arthritis Foundation

May 01, 2013


With the start of Arthritis Awareness Month occurring just today, hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana has teamed up with joint health supplement provider Joint Juice to develop a new football app called "Throw with Joe." The application is highlighted for allowing users to play the pig skin game while also raising funds for the Arthritis Foundation.

The mobile app, geared toward individuals of all ages, revolves around players maneuvering their iOS devices back and forth to navigate down the football field to gain as many yards as possible before being tackled by a defensive player. To gain momentum and obtain additional yardage, players can run through a football helmet or collect Joint Juice bottles. Those that achieve the highest scores will be featured on the leader board, giving way to competitions among friends and other opponents.

The app is available for $0.99 at either the App Store or at Proceeds from downloads will benefit the Arthritis Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention, management and cure of the joint disorder.

"For only $0.99, I hope that everyone who is looking for some fun and a challenge will purchase the 'Throw with Joe' app," Montana, a sufferer from chronic joint pain, said in a statement.

Players can also enter the Joint Juice "Throw with Joe" sweepstakes, going on now through May 31. One lucky winner will be awarded a grand prize of a two day trip to San Francisco which includes hotel accommodations, a $100 travel stipend for ground transportation expenses, as well as the chance to meet and throw a football with Joe Montana himself. Ten additional winners will receive a football and football jersey autographed by Montana, and a six month supply of cranberry pomegranate-flavored Joint Juice.

While the "Throw with Joe" app indirectly helps individuals with arthritis, a more direct means to soothing pain associated with the condition is a new handmade magnetic bracelet recently launched by The bracelet is made with triple strength hematite magnets, which helps to reduce inflammation caused by acid buildup from tissues lacking the proper amount of electronics and negative ions.

Edited by Jamie Epstein