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What's Happening in the Soccer World? Ask the inFootball App

March 21, 2013


Mobile video viewing, which has frustrated many smartphone users because of network congestion and slow download times, took a turn for the better with the launch of inmobly’s free Android (News - Alert) app- PAUL- in February 2013.

Inmobly has followed up with another app that promises to be just as good. Aiming to go beyond and provide a new content-before-demand experience, it has come out with yet another app –inFootball - the go-to resource for everything soccer that will satisfy the appetite of many soccer fans.

inFootball, the one-stop-shop for football aficionados, aggregates content from 18 of the world's most popular, and presumably reliable soccer news sources. It eliminates painful buffering of video by pre-downloading content over Wi-Fi or 3G.

Fans just need to pick the teams and championships that they like, and inFootball will do the rest by bringing the latest updates and match highlights from top outlets around the world. Immediate -access to must-see football content, anytime, anywhere—can it get any better?

Caching content for later viewing, the app creates an on-demand viewing experience for users. It’s Instant service for the ‘instant consumer,’ even if they’re offline.

The free Android app is expected to quench fans’ thirst for news, videos, goals, highlights, and appease their insatiable appetites for information about team squads, fixtures, live scores, analysis and standings for top international leagues and championships, regardless of whether it is La Liga, Bundesliga or the Premier League.

"As a soccer fan myself, I needed an app that I could customize to get all the news, highlights and info about my favorite teams and leagues. When I couldn't find something that did this, we decided to build it ourselves," explained Hesham El Gamal, co-founder and president of inmobly.

And with that app, El Gamal promises to give the world's most passionate sports fans a completely customized, multimedia experience to help them keep abreast of “what’s cooking where in the football world.”

So, whether you’re a hard core soccer fan who despairs when your team loses and hurrahs when it wins, a casual fan who just enjoys watching a good game, or a statistical fan that keeps tabs on how many goals Messi scored in every match, the inFootball app is a great way to keep in ‘soccer shape.’

Get ready to imitate the world-famous "goooooooaaaaallll" call!

Edited by Brooke Neuman