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Amiigo Unveils New Fitness Device Designed to Make Workouts SMARTER

February 01, 2013


With the continued evolution of technology, products are being designed to be “Smarter”. There is Smart Water, the Smart Car, and now a new wearable technology from Amiigo, makking your workouts “SMARTER”.

Amiigo, founded by Abe Carter and Dave Scott, two Utah-based entrepreneurs, introduces a new technology that not only makes your workouts more exciting, but unlike any product on the market, has the ability to identify the exact exercise you are performing using gesture recognition.

“Athletes are always working to enhance and elevate their workout experience.  We wanted to develop an easy-to-use device that helps people personalize their workouts, share data, and even compete with friends,” said Scott.

The new technology will come in two pieces: a shoe clip and a micro adjustable bracelet. The shoe clip is specifically designed to track and record certain lower body activities like cycling, running and any exercise where arms are not involved.

The adjustable wristband is made of thermoplastic elastomers and stainless steel, and will fit any unique wrist. Both the shoe clip and wristband clip together for easy storage when not in use and are completely waterproof for swimming and outdoor enthusiasts.

“Our fitness bracelet and shoe-clip does it all, and we’re confident you’ll work out better and harder with it.  Push yourself and be great with Amiigo,” said Scott.

Amiigo will have the capability to connect to Bluetooth Wirelessly, although it doesn’t need to continuously stay connected throughout the workout. The battery has the ability to last over 2 days of active use on a full charge and can store hours of data.

Users will be able to track specific exercises, have friendly competitions, achieve their goals and share them on social networks, all through an app that will be compatible with iPhone (News - Alert) 4S and certain Android devices supporting BLE.

The wristbands and shoe clip will come in three colors, green, blue and all black. Amiigo hopes to raise enough money to release a purple, pink and another black option. The products are available for presale purchase on the company’s website and expect to ship out to customers within the next few months.

But Amiigo is not the first innovation employing wearable technology, but does show a rising trend in the market. Wearable technology continues to grow with different products like a wearable micro camera and Goggle glasses. The United States continues to lead the wearable technology trend, and according to a report by Transparency Market Research, the U.S. is expected to make up 43 percent of global wearable technology revenue by 2018.

In a separate recent report, the wearable technology market took in 750 million in revenue in 2012 alone, with that number expected to balloon over 5.5 billion by 2018.

Edited by Ashley Caputo