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Colorado Rockies and Sparta Performance Science Partner-Up to Improve Player Performance

January 04, 2013


The Colorado Rockies have announced a partnership with training specialist Sparta Performance Science. The Rockies will be the first professional sports team to incorporate Sparta’s force plate technology and proprietary software into its strength-and-conditioning program.

Sparta is a Silicon Valley- based sports performance company that works to improve performance with athletes of all skill levels. The Rockies and Sparta will be specifically working with the force plate technology during Spring Training in Arizona.

"It's kind of a thin platform, basically a little wider than the width of our bodies -- kind of like a doormat, almost as thick, but a lot more expensive and a lot better design," said Rockies strength-and-conditioning coach Brian Jordan.

Although the new technology isn’t much bigger than a normal doormat, the Rockies are hoping the sophisticated software can provide crucial information to improve player performance and prevent injury. The concept of the equipment is a simple one. The athlete stands on the platform and jumps; simple enough.

What the technology and software does next is far from simple, however. Using Sir Isaac Newtown's third law of motion, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” the technology can recognize movement signatures that can determine a player's weakness, reveal nutritional needs and can equate changes needed to sleeping patterns.

"Instead of subjective data that we've relied on for so long, and which will still be part of the equation, it gives us some authenticated data on our players, and we use that data plus information collected from other athletes," Jordan said. "It paints us a picture of certain things they can work and help us lock onto the best program for keeping guys healthy and their performance at the highest level."

As of now, there is no plan to move the technology to Denver for the start of the regular season, but depending on how the initial training goes; the team will then decide on how often they will continue with testing.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman