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Newly Debuted Outdoor Sports Cases Protect Us from Water

January 03, 2013


Everybody knows that no matter what type of “invincible” case you put on your smartphone, there is no way to protect it from the ultimate destroyer of our high tech devices—water. In order to protect people most prone to these situations, Bracketron has created a new accessory line of water resilient sports cases.

­­While the new line will be officially unveiled at the upcoming CES (News - Alert) 2013 show in Las Vegas, it has been specifically designed for outdoor activities and sports. The company offers an array of products like the Sports Case, which comes with a versatile belt clip or strap mount. These cases shield your beloved phone from water, sweat and rain, while still allowing your touch screen to function correctly.

Although waterproof cases to protect cameras, cell phones and electronic devices have already been on the market for awhile, they weren’t practical for actual usage. Once taken out of the waterproof box you are subjected once again to damage your phone. With new creations from Bracketron and Life Proof, practicality and safety are now combined into one case.

This new universal series can be used for iPhones, GPS devices, MP3 players and all equipped with a detachable belt clip, integrated stand and a portable soft-sided design. The sturdy, rubber grip strap is able to do a 360 degree rotation for those who are using bikes, boats, ATVs and watercrafts. It is even available in colors like black or camouflage.

Bracketron, one of the most notable accessory companies for handheld and mobile technology devices, has followed the waterproof trend that has begun to surface over the past year. Companies like Cobra, MobileHelp and Liquipel have all recently created products that are waterproof and designed to sustain extreme conditions.

Today, no matter what activity people are performing, there is a mobile device glued to their hand. And yes, this even occurs while mount biking climbing. Along with their fragility and heightened importance in our lives, it is no wonder that protection for these products are in high demand.

Edited by Jamie Epstein