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POWERADE Teams with Endomondo Fitness Community

November 07, 2012


Everyone has heard it time and time again: hydration is the most important part of any weight loss program, health regime or workout. We need water to survive, and we need even more to thrive. 

Despite the critical role we all know hydration plays, it’s often forgotten or overlooked.

Just how important is hydration? According to a statement from Endomondo, dehydration that results in as little as a 2-percent decrease in body mass can reduce both physical and mental performance, making it important for athletes and non-athletes alike.

Recognizing this, sports drink maker POWERADE has teamed with the social fitness community Endomondo (News - Alert) to create a new hydration function in the Endomondo app, which joins fitness-minded individuals in a social network to strive toward their fitness goals. 

With GPS technology, the app records a full history of distance-based workouts, harnessing the social platform to encourage and motivate its users by providing them with support and some healthy competition. 

The new hydration meter will aid in effective body function.

Endomondo is enthusiastic about its partnership with POWERADE. Cofounder Christian Birk said of its formation, “This relationship with POWERADE will pull together the innovative resources from both parnters to create new, unique experiences that help people around the world have fun while leading a more active lifestyle.” 

Coca-Cola-owned POWERADE shares the company’s enthusiasm, as Emmanuel Seuge, head of Worldwide Sports and Entertainment Marketing at Coca-Cola Company, said they share Endomondo’s “vision of a world where everyone exercises” and noted that the collaboration is “intended to motivate fitness fans to compete while building strength and conditioning so everyone becomes better all-round athletes.”

Endomondo and POWERADE are also launching the POWERADE challenge, which will reward users with the most active minutes with full Endomondo workout kits, a heart rate monitor and a 12-month subscription to Athlete’s Lounge. 

The app is available to almost all users of GPS-capable phones.

Edited by Braden Becker