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Tempo Tunes Radio Trains Golfers, Other Athletes through Music

November 05, 2012


Research shows that music in sports can prepare individuals for competition in many ways. Top athletes sometimes wear headphones and listen to music before a big game to relax. What if they listened to music that was developed to match their tempo and rhythm, and through that process built fluid movement that increased their performance?

That’s part of what sports performance company, Tempo in Motion, has developed for athletes – beginning with golfers.

Tempo Tunes Radio provides golfers with a wide range of scientifically engineered music designed for practicing and improving their golf swings and shots using the correct tempo and rhythm per individual.

“Professional players know that music and rhythm have the power to improve performance on the field. Acknowledging that research, we developed an original system that provides click patterns, or auditory cues for movement, that prepare golfers for rhythmic transitions,” Mike Boyko, founder and chief tempo officer at Tempo in Motion, said in a statement.

“Every song has a beat structure. Golfers can utilize the beat to help them focus on the movement, perfect it and make it repeatable. When you customize Tempo Tunes tracks to the actual player, like we do, training activities elevate to a whole new level. You get better results in competition by creating the perfect motion through pleasurable training,” Mike added.

The mobile Web app plays the Tempo Tunes and custom playlists on mobile devices, turning the them into professional rhythm and tempo tools that go with them anywhere. Through Tempo in Motion, golfers test their swing tempo, enjoy training with Tempo Tunes Radio and learn from performance experts.

Individuals can try it today in a free one-month trial.

Tempo in Motion has a continually expanding music library composed by the best independent artists worldwide. The Tempo Tunes on the Tempo Tunes Radio are audio tracks engineered to fit the tempo of sports movements, particularly golf swings and shots. The Tempo Tunes are comprised of voice prompts, rhythmic patterns and instrumental music in many speeds and genres, including classical, country, rock, jazz, world and hip-hop.

Tempo in Motion provides two ways for golfers to identify their tempos. Tempo Finder, allows golfers to visually compare their swings, strokes and shots to the audio and video of other golfers viewed on the screen. A variety of speeds are represented to determine the best match. Each speed is assigned a number that corresponds to music from the Tempo Tunes library or the Tempo Tunes Radio.

With online Tempo Analyzer, golfers have a more accurate calculation of their tempo because the analysis is conducted by looking at a short uploaded video of the individual’s full swing, putting stroke or short game shot. Trimming the video section to be analyzed makes it easy for golfers to calculate their tempos and select the most appropriate music.

In addition to a mobile Web app, scientifically engineered music and other sports performance tools, subscribers learn from top-notch coaches and trainers who work with gold medalists, Major golf champions, junior champions and more.

Edited by Braden Becker