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TeamSnap Mobile App takes away the Pain Points of Managing Sports Teams

October 08, 2012


Who said managing was fun? Anyone who has been in that position knows what it's actually like. Be it business or people, there are a million tasks that need to be coordinated and collaborated. That's not only tedious and time consuming but just takes away the joy of focusing on the actual task. And, though sports may be fun, sports team management is not all that easy.

Snap to attention. TeamSnap has come out with a unique way to manage sports teams with a much improved app for iOS that takes away the hassle of managing, coaching or organizing team sports and groups, according to officials.

Like its Web based counterpart, the new mobile app claims to have a simple but powerful interface, providing coaches and team managers with interactivity and dozens of new team management and communication features.

The new app, which doesn't need to be downloaded, installed or configured, reportedly has all the core features present in the online tool and more, enabling everyone in the team to communicate, coordinate and collaborate in ways that take away the pain points from team sports.

Coaches and managers, who always have a tough time signing up new players, incorporating new information, scheduling and re-scheduling games and matches, adding scores, can now perform all these tasks and more even while on the field, without needing to be in front of a computer, said officials.

"Coaches and managers love TeamSnap because we make managing a team ridiculously easy," said Dave DuPont, CEO at TeamSnap. "Our goal is to make TeamSnap a completely mobile tool, putting everything we do right there on the field."

The new mobile app for iOS came into being as a result of a shift in user traffic from online to mobile access. With the growth in iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads, the new revamped app improves ease of access and allows users to immediately change or add information on the go. With new mobile push notifications, everyone can keep in touch.

An upgraded version of the Android (News - Alert) app with comparable features is slated for release in the near future.

Used by more than 100,000 teams representing over 100 different sports as well as non-sport groups, TeamSnap is being used by 1.5 million youth coaches, managers and more to streamline team management. It is currently available in the App Store with its popularity stated to be increasing steadily.

The Charleston Soccer League announced that it has selected TeamSnap Software- as -a -Service for use in its clubs and leagues. The mobile and Web service is used by everyone from players and athletes to coaches and parents to manage teams and leagues in the sports world.

Edited by Brooke Neuman