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GAIN Fitness Picks Cloudant Data Layer to Support Heroku-Based Personal Trainer App

September 17, 2012


GAIN Fitness has said that it’s using the Cloudant Data Layer managed cloud database service to support its Heroku-based digital personal trainer mobile app.

“The user experience is paramount to our success, and the mobile data replication and sync, and real time analytics enabled by Cloudant are a big part of that,” said David Hoffman (News - Alert), chief technology officer at GAIN Fitness. He added that using cloud platforms like Heroku for the app layer and Cloudant for the data layer, keeps the development team squarely focused on new features that improve the user experience, not back-end IT operations.

The Cloudant Data Layer collects, stores, analyzes and distributes application data across a global network of secure data centers, delivering low-latency, non-stop data access to users no matter where they're located.

Previously, GAIN Fitness was using PostgreSQL. It selected Cloudant because it provides greater database scalability to handle the fast-growing user base. By leveraging Cloudant, the company expects to provide scalable application performance to the rapidly growing user base. In addition, the company expects to enrich the user experience with real-time workout analytics and mobile data sync for off-line app usage.

The company plans to hand off the management of its data layer to the experts at Cloudant who monitor, manage and scale it for them, allowing its developers to stay focused on new development and not on database administration.

Additional reasons for selecting Cloudant as the data layer are: JSON data storage and API, real-time analytics and Mobile replication and sync.

It’s seen that workout plan structures vary widely and GAIN Fitness represents application data in JSON. Company officials said that Cloudant is schema-less, and it stores, indexes and queries data in standard JSON format, offering an ideal solution for the company. Cloudant is also accessed through a RESTful API, which makes development straightforward.

Company officials said that built-in incremental MapReduce makes it possible to compute and display workout progress to users, application usage and monetization metrics to users in real-time.

Additionally, Cloudant's built-in data replication and sync enables users to record workout data and view reports whether there is a network connection or not, for example, in the gym. And when the connection is restored, data on their mobile devices will be automatically sync with the server, according to company officials.

In August, Hothead Games expanded its use of the Cloudant Data Layer managed cloud database service to support the growth of its popular series of Big Win Sports mobile games.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli