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Independent Study Finds RES ONE Platform for Digital Workspaces Delivers 171% ROI and More Than $1 Million in Savings Per Year for Customers
4/25/2017 2:01:13 PM GMT
OCTO Telematics Promotes Safer Driving With Distracted Driving Score
4/25/2017 2:01:08 PM GMT
Partners HealthCare and Persistent Systems to Team on New Industry-wide Digital Platform for Clinical Care
4/25/2017 1:36:28 PM GMT
IDology Announces Digital Authentication Solutions To Profoundly Advance User Experience And Security For Mobile Commerce
4/25/2017 1:34:26 PM GMT
Esri to Showcase Advanced Developer Tools at TechCrunch Disrupt NY
4/25/2017 1:31:37 PM GMT
The Venture Reality Fund Receives Investment from HP Tech Ventures to Drive Innovation in Augmented and Virtual Reality
4/25/2017 1:31:36 PM GMT
Appdome for BehavioSec Seamlessly Implements Biometric Authentication to Mobile Apps without Coding
4/25/2017 1:31:24 PM GMT
ScaleArc Increases App Performance With Enhanced Database Load Balancing Software
4/25/2017 1:31:11 PM GMT
Launch of ARMADA™ Smartphone-based Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Agri-science Applications
4/25/2017 1:01:12 PM GMT
Trusted Identities in Blockchain Apps Shown to Work
4/25/2017 1:00:46 PM GMT
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