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2019/20 English Premier League Preview
August 8, 2019 - As the 2019/20 season kicks off in the English Premier League, the main focus will be on the expectations of the 20 participants. The 2018/19 season was a roller coaster to the very end, where the eventual winners Manchester City pipped Liverpool by a single point on the final day. The final two slots for the prized top 4 were also secured on the last day, with Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspurs seeing off a late rally from Arsenal and Manchester United.
How is Physical Therapy work in sports?
June 3, 2019 - Without a doubt, Physiotherapy is a fascinating area full of possibilities of specialization. And, nowadays, many people have become even more interested in the performance of these professionals in the area of sport. But how exactly can the physiotherapist improve sports performance in different modalities?
Is VAR Improving Football?
May 8, 2019 - The use of technology in football is a contentious topic, with the divide between those who believe it is a good thing and a bad thing for the sport vastly different. Those who oppose the advancement in the game largely put this down to the fact that while it may get decisions correct, atmospheres in the stadiums have taken a dip because of it.
When Technology Meets Cricket
April 2, 2019 - Cricket is one of the oldest and most beloved sports. However, with the rise of technology, it has rapidly evolved to make the best use of this technology to improve the game. The traditional game has been kept alive; however, it has been greatly enhanced both for spectators and players due to modern technological innovations. In this article, we will describe the various ways that technology and cricket have been able to form a fantastic partnership.
Electronic visas and sports events
March 27, 2019 - Ever since sports events turned into international phenomena, more and more people choose to travel to a foreign country to participate. Sports tourism is a multi-billion-dollar industry, bringing a lot of revenue to hosting countries. Moreover, they are turned into incredible opportunities for the people that live in the country in question. However, one thing that makes possible for everyone to travel abroad for a sports event is the electronic visa.
Tech Advancements In The Sports Medicine Industry
February 20, 2019 - Sports medicine is a specialized type of medicines, which are typically prepared for problems arising from the wear and tear of muscles, tearing of ligaments, breaking of bones or being hit by something or someone while playing on the field. It has evolved quite a bit over the course of time. The most important techniques used today have taken sports medicine to a different level altogether. For instance, knee braces and supports are today more common than you would think.

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